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The Problem

Vivica Menegaz was Gaeanovo’s first marketing client. Vivica came to the founder Janet Jaimes, seeking for a marketer to help her revamp her entire social media networks and website. Vivica’s follower count and website traffic was not increasing at all despite the number of hours Vivica spent posting. Vivica did not have a strategy in place nor did she have the time or resources to manage her social networks and website.

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As a certified whole-food holistic nutritionist, author, blogger and ketogenic diet advocate, Vivica Menegaz has become a well-known wellness leader.


Through her resources and programs that introduce a therapeutic approach to food, lifestyle and supplementation, such as The Healing Foods Method Program, she assists many women with health problems. Her modern, easy to follow and up-to-date solutions aim to help many learn how to live a  healthier lifestyle, get lighter and have more energy. 

The Solution

We effectively evaluated Vivica’s multiple channels and websites to identify where the gaps  were. After conducting a detailed evaluation and analysis, we put together an effective marketing plan that included a funnel process and an email campaign. Together, we hosted over 2 book launch campaigns, 2 giveaway campaigns, and over 24+ individualized social media campaigns according to her latest offerings and promotions.


Increased Followers: +56%

Post Engagement Rate: +27K%

Website + Sales Page Traffic: +230%

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