Ready to get into the $72.2 billion social media marketing industry but don’t know how to stand out?

Our 30-Day Social Media Coaching Program is a four week power-packed coaching program series and digital asset bundle that will dramatically shortcut the path to creating (or reviving) your PERFECT social media campaigns!

30-Day Social Media Coaching Program

The Only Program Designed To Help Solopreneurs Become A Social Media Expert And Successfully Run An Online Business!

In less than 30 days, you’ll learn how to develop a result driven social media strategy with click-worthy posts tailored to your target customer! 

With this insightful coaching program, you learn how to generate more followers, more website visitors, more brand exposure, and overall, generate long term success!

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program overview

Together, we will create a roadmap
for the following four weeks

Receive a complete social media audit
(an optimization report of your current marketing channels)

Social Media Strategy Overview
(you will get an expert-made social media strategy template

and learn how to use and complete)

strategy workshop

week two

Together, we will create your avatar

(identify your target audience)

Learn how to create a content strategy
(this includes content pillars and a content schedule
according to the best times)

Discuss how to craft a message
unique to your audience

Growth Best Practices

week three

Learn about social media engagement

Discover how to host collaborations

Learn how to craft engaging, click-worthy

social media stories

Growth Best Practices

week four

Discover how to read and analyze 
social media perofrm through analytics

Highlight shadow-banning, the dos and don'ts

Conclude the program with final tips
and advice for long term success


Weekly Homework Assignments:  
You will walk away with action items on a weekly basis to implement immediately and start incorporating what you are learning.

100 Canva Graphic Templates:
In addition to real time support, you will receive complimentary Canva graphic templates. Fully customizable to fit YOUR BRAND and EASY TO USE.

Weekly Audit:

Your coach will review your homework assignments, your social channels, and other related materials to ensure you’re maximizing your value and results daily!

Ready To Use Social Media Strategy Deck:

Your coach will give you access to an expert-agency level social media strategy deck! Not only will you have access to the template, we will also complete the strategy together.

Personalized Q&As:

In each 60 minute session, you will have the floor to ask any questions and address any challenges. This is your time and you will always walk away feeling more confident then the day before!

Daily Email + DMs Client Support:

From Monday-Friday, your coach will serve as your mentor, your guide, your teacher, and your fan via email and social media DMs to ensure you are always fully supported.


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