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Ready to scale your purpose through social media marketing but lack strategy and direction?

Social Media Marketing Consulting is a service designed specifically for medium to large organizations that have a team in place to implement new ideas and are ready to use result-driven strategies for their business.

We know your time is priceless, so we promise not to squander it with fluffery.

There is a massive problem in the conscious social media marketing right now...



With technology advancing quicker than the speed of light, many mindful and conscious brands including nonprofits are struggling to find the balance between digital media detoxing and reaching their target customers through social media to help reach their revenue and website traffic goals.


While some organizations might already have a team in place to help create social media posts and run ads, they still lack a conscious strategy that speaks the same language as their target customer, one that many marketing agencies do not understand due to a lack of real-life experience.


After 2020, the internet made it clear it's here to stay and has taken over the way we market our services, and right now, many are struggling to find a way to connect with their customer at a human level and funnel them to their offerings from a social media post or an ad campaign.

Does This sound like you?

  • Your company is ready to launch with an unmatched offer or service but do not have the key to unlock the marketing door.

  • No matter how much work and effort you put into your social media and ads, you and your team are still not reaping any kind of results.

  • You're excited and ready to take social media marketing serious but have no clue as to where to begin and need a strategy.

  • Your organization understands basic marketing principles however, lack an understanding of how to even get started and on which platform.


In our consulting service, you will have full access to our consultant via your preferred method of contact. It's our responsibility to ensure your website, social channels, email marketing, and services are working cohesively. We will be fully available to support you and your team in providing advice relative to website marketing, customer funnel building, email marketing, content marketing, social media, ads, graphic design, and much, much more! Our goal is to ensure all of your marketing-related questions and challenges are addressed by our consultant. Management and your team can put their worries at ease knowing our consultant will provide the right tools to assist with each of your marketing goals and more importantly, with intention and strategy.


social media marketing consulting

Social Media Marketing Consulting is your one-stop-shop service offering unparalleled quality of resources and tools, helping you and your company achieve your mission. We take the complicated things and make it simple for you in an intentional and conscious manner to fulfill your purpose. The following  highlights what this service includes and what the process of our new partnership would look like if we were to move forward together:

  • Monthly Marketing Meeting(s)

Depending on your organizations' current need and scope of work, our lead strategist and consultant Janet will participate in your marketing meetings to assist and provide solutions to your challenges. As a team, we will develop goals and action items to achieve result driven goals.

  • Social Media Marketing Handbook

Our company is best known for our Social Media Marketing Handbook. The Handbook is what your consultant from Gaeanovo will create and develop to assist you and your team accomplish social media marketing goals. The Handbook is your social media marketing strategy including:

  • Marketing Channels Audit + Optimization

Before any type of a social media marketing strategy is developed, your consultant will review each social channel, their settings, and current state. By doing so, you'd receive a breakdown of suggested optimization opportunities and advise what to change accordingly. This improves user experience and eliminates blocks from getting reach or visibility.

  • Target Audience + Market Research

  • Customer Funnel Journey

  • Marketing Communication Goals

  • Content Strategy

  • Distribution Schedule

  • Hashtag Strategy

  • Engagement Strategy

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Social Media Audit

  • Advertisement Strategy (if applicable)

  • Influencer Marketing Strategy (if applicable)

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and lastly...

What does our partnership look like?

  • Welcome Aboard

Once you click "Send me a proposal" down at the bottom, you will begin filling out a questionnaire - asking about your current needs, social media goals, and your organization's mission.

  • Proposal Offer

Within 48 hours of receiving your proposal, our lead strategist and consultant will draft an intentional and detailed proposal tailored to your organization's mission and marketing needs.

  • Onboarding

  • Social Media Marketing Handbook

After our brainstorming session, your consultant will craft the social media strategy handbook tailored to our expertise, your objectives, and marketing trends. 

  • Roadmapping

Once the handbook is complete, your organization and the consultant will meet again to discuss the strategy and to develop a roadmap for success. By the end of the session, your team will have specific action items to complete.

  • Monthly Check-Ins

Once you accept the offer, the next step is to sign our new partnership agreement and to book our brainstorming session. What if you have questions about the proposal or want to negotiate?

In the agreement, we will confirm how many check ins are require to ensure your organization receives the support they need. In these check ins, your team will deliver a marketing report and the consultant will provide observations so together we can address how well we did in the last month, where there is room for improvement, and next steps.

client testimonials


Keith Cullen - Musician

Janet and her team is an absolute addition to any team or brand. I’ve worked with Janet on and off for 3 years. Her level of attention to detail, her creativity and her ability to work effortlessly to meet deadlines and over achieve is only short of miraculous. Thank you Janet for not only being a professional but being a partner on many of my past projects.

accelerant social posts-02_edited.jpg


Janet is incredible. She knows exactly how to create social content and execute a successful strategy. She is a pleasure to work with and delivers significant results. Highly recommend!!


Peerspace - Event Website

Janet is an invaluable member of our team. She's professional, articulate, prompt, and reliable. She's an absolute pleasure to work with.

Meet Your Consultant


Janet Jaimes

As seen on, Janet Jaimes now has over 10 years of experience working in social media. Her career began working in the music industry hosting take overs and promoting event  and artists through social media. Through beautiful growth, Janet has developed a passion for spirituality, mindfulness, and purpose driven lifestyles.


For this reason, she created Gaeanovo. Janet has unmatched creative and strategic skills. Her level of charismatic and personalization builds a meaningful relationship with anyone who hires her as a consultant.

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