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Our Work

Check out our past and present clients' case studies. Each new project we take on is evaluated with intention and purpose. No work that comes to our dashboard is ever taken so lightly. What makes us different is our unique approach towards each new project ensuring the level of service you get is non-robotic, holistic, and a mindful approach.

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LILA Astrology is founded by retired football player Ricky Williams, astrology influencers Astro-Twins, and published author Steven Forrest. Learn below how we helped LILA with the launch of their astrology relationship app with effective social media launch campaigns.



As a certified whole-food holistic nutritionist, author, and blogger, Vivica Menegaz has become a well-known wellness leader supporting women worldwide. Gaeanovo served as their marketing manager, supporting in areas such as book campaigns to brand partnerships.

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DisclosureFest™ Foundation is a multicultural initiative and community based nonprofit platform. Click "Read" to learn how Gaenaovo assisted the nonprofit with an ad campaign launch for a brand new merch line.



Jaime Villalovos is a business woman and speaker leading hundreds of people teaching them how to become Happy and Strong. Click below to learn more on how Gaeanovo helped Jaime with a revamp across multiple marketing channels.

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