The Problem

Lila Astrology had little to no social media presence and their branding was not in alignment with what they wanted. Lila had no strategy in place, no active, real engagement, and inconsistent messaging and branding colors.

The Solution

After consulting with Lila’s founders, Gaeanovo took over their Instagram account by developing a social media strategy, implementing new creative design and visuals, and established authentic messaging to connect deeper with their online audience.

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Lila Astrology is an app, created by retired football player Ricky Williams, Astrology Influencers AstroTwins, and Astrologer Influencer and Author Steven Forrest. The Lila app aims to teach people more about themselves and to relate deeper with those around them and in the world.

Lila’s mission is to break the stereotypes and make aware how Astrology based systems can help change our communities positively. 

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Follower Count: 1.3K

No Consistent Branding

No Social Media Strategy

Follower Count: 2.4K

Cohesive Branding & Aesthetic

Result Driven Strategy

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Since its launch, Gaeanovo has given Lila a prime opportunity to have a voice in the Evolutionary Astrology space. 

We have successfully helped Lila create an engaging online community, reaching over 50K impressions in less than six months organically through creative educational content.  

Through the intentional power of Gaeanovo and Lila's visionary mission, together, we continue to enlighten the hearts of many people around the world through social media on Evolutionary Astrology.

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Steven Forrest

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