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The Problem

Jaime and her media team had an unclear plan and direction when it came to social media strategies. Jaime invested on a monthly basis into a creative video and photo shoot, only to realize it was not being used effectively on Instagram. Jaime’s media team had no experience in marketing and was looking for someone to come in and help optimize their current content calendars including strategy, hashtag strategy, and community management.

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California native Jaime Villalovos is a highly successful female entrepreneur, business mentor, and success coach that provides educational seminars and individual management in order to direct many in the path to success.

As a business woman and founder of Happy and Strong, Jaime Villalovos aims to empower and see an increase in other women alike. Jaime Villalovos media team connected with Gaeanovo for social media consulting.

The Solution

We used our social media consulting skills to identify her niche to then conduct a market audience research and hashtag analysis in order to increase real authentic Instagram followers. We effectively collaborated with the media team, under our creative direction, to best capture her persona and main message through high quality photos and videos.


Instagram Followers: +160%

Impressions: +1Million

Post Engagement Rate: +67.45K%

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