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Social Media Coaching


What Is Social Media Coaching?

Social Media Coaching is designed to assist anyone who wishes to learn the ins and outs of social media marketing. This service is prime for those who wish to gain knowledge in the marketing space and learn how to lead a social media strategy. This service benefits anyone who wishes to run their own social media channels for their business or wishes to deepen their skill set as a freelancer. Social Media Coaching removes the headache of having budget limitations. This service is affordable for anyone at any stage their business is currently in.


$250 for 60 minutes

In our Consultation service, you will receive 60 minutes of undisturbed time dedicated to your questions and inquiries. During the session, you have an opportunity to ask any questions you have regarding social media marketing. No question is off limits. This option is excellent for anyone who is looking for a head start on their social media efforts and/or are struggling to understand how to begin. This service also includes a complimentary social media template to help you jumpstart your social media plans.

Courses Coming Soon!

Who Is My Coach?


Janet Jaimes

As seen on, Janet Jaimes now has over 10 years of experience working in social media. Her career began working in the music industry hosting take overs and promoting event  and artists through social media. Through beautiful growth, Janet has developed a passion for spirituality, mindfulness, and purpose driven lifestyles.


For this reason, she created Gaeanovo. Janet has unmatched creative and strategic skills. Her level of charismatic and personalization builds a meaningful relationship with anyone who hires her as a consultant.