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/Gah-Ya-Novo/ -  A backronym

Gaea: The Greek earth goddess and mother of the Titans. Creator. Mother Earth.
Novo: Innovation. Innovating. 

Creator of Innovation

We noticed there is a strong need in the world for social media firms that live and breathe consciousness to help brands alike; and have the burning desire to impact the world positively. That's why Gaeanovo was born.

We are a team of professionals who have a purpose on Earth and that's by contributing to the change we wish to see in the world. We do this by providing top-tier social media services to those making an impact in people's stories. We develop admirable results while maintaining personal, conscious, never robotic, relationships with our clients.

Though we strongly feel it's more about you than us, we understand you might want to learn more about the person behind the brand...

Meet The Founder


Janet Jaimes

Based in CA, Janet Jaimes has over eight years of marketing and creative experience serving small to large enterprises bring their vision to life. Janet's mission is to teach purpose-driven brands how to achieve greatness through social media marketing and conscious business by making an impact in a digital age. Janet serves communities as a speaker, business life coach, and mentor. She's been seen on publications like Janet uses her empowering backstory of being run over by a lawnmower at age five as her drive and fuel to help others globally. As an avid traveler and passionate photographer, you could consider Janet a jack of all trades but with intention and strategy.